Shout for a business success with retractable banners

After the completion of the new home, a fashionably dressed hostess, scouring everywhere to visit well-furnished new home with a sister, slowly introduce home room. Next, the hostess, slightly mysterious, Open Favorites costumes, like the room of the department store counters, when the the sisters see full cabinet clothes and high heels, suddenly despite the image of his screaming. Suddenly they heard the bigger boys between the cheers in the next, the probe is a look only to find fridge full of Heineken beer, just to see, and let this group of boys, almost hysterical cry.

Under the guidance of the core values is to Heineken “has been exaggerated, humor Heineken TV ad to seize the consumer’s attention, how on the network can be as exciting, so that the the favorite early adopters of friends have fun, but also echoes advertising appeals? This year’s theme of “one voice” advertising is not only the plot funny, so users can tell those crazy men in the active site with high-decibel volume, showed exaggerated fanaticism of the Heineken. The beginning of Internet advertising is quite fascinating, and start to ask users whether at least 18 years of age, preliminary filter underage users – even though we all know it did not have exposure to One Group – retractable banners advertising. After you enter the site, greeted by the four men on TV, in front the Heineken roar of the screen, as a prelude to the madness of the next. Read more »

Brave step out for a big future

Competition is keen in public relations agent market, companies have their own advantages, bi-directional MS & L has reached a PR goal behalf of more customers, win many accreditation favor.

“Our team is the customer’s sales as their own responsibility, which is a new era of public relations thinking.” Bidirectional MS & L Fang Liang, general manager, said the public relations value we can not just cut a few reports, but also reflected in the actual sales figures. Read more »

Integrated digital marketing communication strategy with retractable banner promotion

New Zealand kiwifruit Zespri’s first interactive dual-screen mobile phone marketing, creating YouTube first week breaking 1.4 million Hit browse msn messenger audio-visual show two weeks tap a total of 40,000 times, activities Total page to browse more than 9 million passengers; COLD STONE Cool Music Cup New listing activities from the plane to the active site full spread of production up to 12.5 million people, the number of participants of the FB and APP. Recognition of their abilities, the digital marketing customers this year have increased the amount of network and retractable banner stand investment, for example KOSE upgrade 557%, 205% increase in Warner. Read more »

Keep innovative while reserving traditional brand elements

Stepped into the seven blessing the door, greeted by the lively color, open space, ears musical broadcasts, and even employees’ smile, people can immediately feel the agents vibrant, energetic unique style.

However, if you want to know why they could 24 years unshakable and firm the broadcast agent market leading throne into the conference room, the office may be necessary to close to each department carefully observed. The planning department of the wall, a picture of in accordance with the Industry, in chronological order, categorized management of newspapers, magazines, retractable banner advertising, the first time master customer pulsating. Read more »

Use folk drama to sell notebook computer

General advertising to sell technology products, most of the emphasis on functional or beautiful tall supermodel catwalk to a physical store, the clerk mouthful of jargon, more people dizzy. Lenovo has used a number of Taiwanese drama movie, favorite of many users, even automatically go to the search term. Read more »